Smart Loops is a smart park that introduces technology and nature together by bringing people to the park to create smarter outcomes. Technology is something that will always be growing so why not encourage your family and friends to interact with nature and being outdoors at the same time? Smart Loops sends geo-location alerts to people near the park to tell them about events and activities happening at the park. Artificial intelligence allows us to discover new ideas while teaching users about nature and involvement outdoors. With Smart Loops, it allows you to interact with your friends and family on social media as well. It helps you get involved with the community and volunteering by receiving notifications from the app. By downloading the app you can create a personal profile of your interests which then notifies you when activities and events come up within your liking. You may also receive pins from family and friends about where they are at the park and when they leave. Smart Loops creates new experiences for everyone. The continuous improvement makes every day better through the digital knowledge base that learns from users at the park. Smart Loops strives to make every experience smarter for you.  


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