Hello! My name is Rachel Ries and I have always had a passion for art and design. Growing up I seemed to always be making something. Whether it was drawing the farm animals on my family farm, playing in Microsoft Paint, or drawing sharpie tattoos on my friends, I had a love for creating and problem-solving. 

After being very involved in photography and art throughout my 4-H career and high school, I had a strong passion for design. With the support of my art teacher at school, she pointed me in the direction of pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design and Interactive Media with a minor in Project Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.


I learned hands-on skills that kick-started my fire for design into the industry and graduated in 2018. I had a project showcased on Packaging of the World, had completed three internships and I am now currently the digital graphic designer at AIA Corporation.   


I have continued to be inspired by the number of talented individuals that I have been introduced to while working in the industry and have continued to push myself and my design skills to better the brands of others. I like to reach for the stars and find ways to make projects come to life. I love ideation and brainstorming and seeing ideas grow to full concepts. I have a passion for minimal design and like to show off simplicity at its finest.

When I'm not designing, I can be found traveling, being outdoors with my friends or family, volunteering, hanging with my fiance Drew, and my pups Ryder and Ruby, and just loving life. I would be honored to get to know you so don't be afraid to reach out. Until then, thanks for stopping by!